World War I in Smith County, Texas

World War I Servicemen of Smith County

Help us commemorate the men of Smith County

The Society is asking for your support in helping us commemorate the dedication and service of Smith County and her men during World War I.

We are asking everyone to sponsor one of the servicemen listed below. For some of you, that may be a family member, and for others, simply a name on a list. However, each of the names below represent a man, and a family, who offered up a piece of themselves for our Country. Some of these men never went overseas, some deserted, several died of disease, and others in battle, but each of these men have a story we would like to help tell.

To sponsor one of these servicemen, we are asking for a sponsorship of $150 per serviceman, or $100 per serviceman should you wish to sponsor a family of servicemen. This sponsorship will go to the research of each individual man, his background, his service, what and where he contributed to the war efforts, and as much other information as we can gather. This information would be available on our blog and on all of our social media sites.

Ideally, we would like to compliment our commemorative World War I exhibit Wading Through Blood: The Great War & Smith County Men with in-depth information on each man that served out of Smith County.

If you would like to sponsor a serviceman, please contact us or fill out the form located on the right hand side of this page!

How we compiled our list:

Smith County, Texas dedicated itself to the Great War. When the time came our county supported its servicemen, its Red Cross organizations, its Liberty and Victory Bonds, and gave anything and everything else that was asked of them.


The Smith County Historical Society has complied a list of nearly 1,800 names of servicemen that were either:

  1. Born in Smith County,
  2. Lived in Smith County at the start of the war,
  3. Enlisted/ Volunteered in Smith County,
  4. -or- were buried here in Smith County after the war.


If you would like to learn more information about the names listed below, please feel free to contact our archives ( or take a look at our blog post! Additionally, if you believe there are additional names that should be added to this list, please contact us! We are always welcoming new information, letters, data, and artifacts related to Smith County men at War!


We want to give a huge thanks to the contributors of this list: Randy Gilbert, Andy Leath, Scott Fitzgerald, and a 1930’s UT dissertation.

Please note: if a serviceman is already sponsored there will be a symbol attached indicating such. The links currently attached to applicable names are links to individual blog posts!

Servicemen of World War I Sponsorships

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World War I Servicemen Listed Alphabetically

Acker, James William

Adair, Thomas Ayres

Adams, Benjamin F.

Adams, James

Adams, James M.

Adams, John

Adams, Lee

Adams, Louis Joseph

Adams. Richard

Adkins, Robert

Adkins, Tim

Ahern, Patrick Henry

Albertson, Harry Wesley

Aldrich, Ulvin P.

Alexander, Sidney P

Allen, Berry Norman

Allen, Crawford A.

Allen, Doctor Teague

Allen, Douglas

Allen, James Oscar

Allen, John Thomas

Allen, Robert Leonard

Allred, Phillip C.

Amis, Joel Edwin

Andereson, Anton

Anderson, Ben

Anderson, Cary

Anderson, Charles Carr

Anderson, Luey Ray

Anderson, William C.

Armstrong, Julian Johnson

Armstrong, Willie Walter

Arnold, Henry Meredith

Arnold, Jessie

Arnold, Monroe

Arterberry, Albert (Sponsored!)

Arterberry, John Henry (Sponsored!)

Ashcraft, Thomas

Ashcraft, Walter H.

Ashley, Clifford L.

Atkinson, Claud

Ausborne, Jerry

Bagley, Frank William

Bailiff, Henry Carroll

Baily, John Bennett

Bain, John Jackson

Baird, John Earl

Baker, James LeeRoy

Baker, John McShan

Baker, Sam Alvey

Bakewell, Mathias Francis

Baldwin, Charles Gordon

Baldwin, John Sylvester

Baldwin, Joseph Favre

Baldwin, Willie Ben

Ballard, John Walter

Banks, Thayes Nolan

Bankston, Jim

Bannon, William Michael

Barber, J.P.

Barker, Emory E.

Barker, Mary J.

Barlow, George Sitton

Barnes, Ernest E.

Barrett, Fred Allen

Barrett, James

Barron, Carry Alpine

Barron, Harry E.

Barron, Leonard C.

Barron, William

Barrow, Ralh

Bass, Curtice O.

Bass, Eddie L.

Bass, Gambel Judson

Bass, Harpie Lee

Bass, JustonEmmit

Bass, Oliver Vernon

Bates, Allen

Baxter, Phillip Kerley

Beaird, Bennie E.

Beaird, Bryant LaGette

Beaird, Harold N.

Beaird, Patrick Henry

Beall. Willie N.

Beard, Earl R.

Beauchamp, Albert Harrison

Beauchamp, Columbus

Beauchamp, Gerome C.

Beck, Nevada

Beddingfield, Jesse Love

Bega, Joe

Bell, Alvin Lester

Bell, Ardrey

Bell, Burnett

Bell, Clyde

Bell, Earnest P.

Bell, Forn

Bell, Frank M. Jr.

Bell, George Lee

Bell, Jim

Bell, Luther E.

Bell, Thomas Gordon

Bell, Wade

Bell, Walter

Bell, Walter A.

Bell, William Reuben

Bend, Henry

Bennett, Cicero

Bennett, Merrill B.

Benson, Kerren Jane

Bentley, Archie

Bentley, Clyde Lee

Bentley, Roy Augusta

Benton, Bonnie

Benton, Gertie

Bergson, Paul Jonas

Betts, James Alonzo

Bice, Thomas F.

Bickley, Homer

Biggs, Elbert

Bingham, Clifford A

Biscoe, George William

Bishop, Troy

Black, Archie

Black, Basil

Blackwell, Albert Houston

Blaicher, Joseph Carl

Blair, William Dexter

Blair, William Scott

Blalock, Joseph E.

Blanton, Med L.

Bledsoe, Thadeus C.

Blevins, Sidney

Blow, Gibb

Blow, James A.

Blow, Reuben W.

Boaz, Isbel Hampton

Boleman, Ray D.

Bond, John

Bonner, Mose

Bonnom, Henry

Boon, Charles W.

Boon, John M.

Boone, Abbott

Boone, Floyd P.

Boone, Lacy Wirt

Booty, Charlie

Borns, Jessie

Boss, Wallace W.

Bostick, James A.

Bostick, James Oria

Bostick, Samuel S.

Boteler, Edward V.

Boulter, Frank P

Boulter, Thomas N.

Bounds, William L.

Bowie, Elbert

Bowie, Henry

Bowie, McKinley

Bowles, Willie H.

Boyd, Cone Johnson

Boyd, Earnest L.

Boyd, Hal George

Boyd, William

Bradford, Robert Roy

Bradford, Walter Lane

Bradshaw, Floyd H.

Bradshaw, Thomas Aubrey

Brady, Elmer Arthur

Brady, Lawrence W.

Brammell, Charles Harrison

Brannon, Thomas Clint

Brantley, Willie

Breedlove, James Ernest

Brewer, Archie Sebern

Brewer, Graham

Brewer, William Roy

Brewster, Chilton

Brians, Robin Hood

Bridgeman, Mardis Wiley

Bridges, Robert E.

Bridges, Thomas J.

Brigham, Leslie

Bristol, Frank Cicero

Britton, Birl

Britton, Ira Holley

Brock, Martin L.

Brogan, Gertrude – (Letter Dec. 1, 1918) (Letter March 10, 1919) (Obituary April 30, 1932)

Brogan, John Hunter

Brooks, Alex

Brooks, Fred

Brooks, Jim

Brooks, Zebedee

Brower, Roy R.

Brown, Albert

Brown, Archie C.

Brown, Clarence

Brown, Finis

Brown, Harlan Albert

Brown, Homer

Brown, James Alvin

Brown, John H.

Brown, Lonnie Lee

Brown, Marcellus

Brown, Newel

Brown, Richard Herman

Brown, Robert Young

Brown, Thomas Floyd

Brown, Will

Brown, Willie P.

Brown, Wrather

Browning, Luther

Browning, Swindall

Bryan, Dixon Richard

Bryant, Hugh G.

Bryant, William

Buchanan, Bonnie

Bullard, Burey Bunch

Bullard, Marvin F.

Burge, William Erwin

Burger, Frank

Burgess, Hobart L.

Burk, Clint Edward

Burks, James A.

Burks, Jr., Henry L

Burnette, James Henry Jr.

Burns, Frank

Burns, Gilbert Joseph

Burns, John Wesley

Burns, Troy W.

Burton, George P.

Butler, Benjamin J.

Butler, Corneilus G.

Butler, Dan

Butler, Joseph

Butler, Phillip Augustus

Butler, Roy

Byars, Castoma

Byrd, Johnie

Byrum, Connie Elwood

Cain, Charles Allison

Cain, Earle S.

Cain, James L.

Cain, William Roy

Calbeck, Chauncey D.

Caldwell, Sam L.

Calhoun, Charles G.

Calhoun, Sam

Calhoun, Thomas E.

Calicutt, John Allen

Callender, Lynn West

Camp, Joe c

Campbell,  Percy S.

Campbell, Andy

Campbell, George Jefferson

Campbell, James V.

Campbell, Mack G.

Cannon, Pettus Tate

Cantrell, Bill

Carlyle, Joe Boone

Carpenter, John Walter

Carroll, James Madison

Carter, Roy A.

Carter, William E.

Cartwright, Robert

Cassidy, Thomas Joseph

Castle, William R.

Caston, Thomas Carey

Caswell,  J. Carroll

Cates, Elmer Lee

Caton, Robert Lindsey

Cawthon, James E.

Cawthon, Russel G.

Chadwick, Alexander

Chadwick, William H.

Chambless, Lawson

Chambless, William H.

Chapman, Bruce

Chapmn, Truman H.

Cheatham, Oscar C.

Cheeks, Henry L.

Chelf, Charles C.

Cherry, William S.

Chilton, Horace

Chilton, Howard

Chitwood, John Ross

Chitwood, William Roy

Choice, Eugene

Choice, Jimmie

Christian, George Lloyd

Christian, Willie Neal

Clampitt, Sterling M.

Clampitt, Sterling M.

Clancy, Herbert L.

Clark, Ellis

Clark, James P.

Clark, John Haden

Clark, Ladd M.

Clark, Louie D.

Clark, Luther J

Clark, Roy Lonnie

Clark, Theodore E.

Clark, Ullus C.

Clark, Walter John

Clark, William Russell

Clarke, Henry

Clawater, Earl W.

Clay, Ardell

Clay, Arthenial

Clay, Lewis

Clayton, Joe D.

Clements, Paul Eugene

Click, Henry Malcolm

Clifton, Joe

Cline, Will Walker

Clinton, Finis Cornelius

Clower, Waldo Votair

Clyde, Jr., Frank B.

Coats, Sr. William Emmitt

Cobb, Cleveland

Cobb, Willie

Coker, Horace Augustus

Coleman, Horace

Collier, Thomas C.

Collins, Enes H.

Collins, Pete

Collins, Robert Thomas

Comer, John Albert

Connolly, Bernard Francis

Connolly, Harry J.

Cook, Albert L

Cooney, Charlie Augustine

Cooper, Henry

Cooper, Richard Payne

Copeland, Perry

Copenhaver, Nathan

Corrington, Horace H.

Cotton, Emory Durham

Cowart, James O.

Cox, Haywood

Cox, James Henry

Cox, Jesse

Cox, Manning Ray

Cox, Thomas Wiley

Cox, Tignal Jones

Craft, Gomer C.

Craft, John Henry

Craft, Milburn B.

Craft, William O

Craig, Buford Houston

Craig, Thomas

Crawford, Charles B.

Creamer, Henry Calvert

Crenshaw, Claud

Crews, Sim H.

Crim, Earle Hastings

Crim, George R.

Crim, Riley Chester

Crittenden, William Madison

Crockett, Bert

Cross, Harris C.

Crotsenburg, Fred D.

Crow,  Charles James

Crow, Clarence Linwood

Crow, Claude B.

Crow, George Ross

Crow, Webb J.

Crutcher, Earl T.

Crutcher, Isaac Henry Jr

Culbert, Hugh E.

Cumby, Laurie John

Cumby, Major Taylor

Curry, David F.

Curry, Edward Clayton

Curry, Franklin P.

Curry, Julius Linear

Curtis, Harold Francis

Cutler, George

Dale, Elbert C.

Dale, Kirby

Daniel, Fred

Daniel, Lessie

Daniels, Fred

Darden, Jim

Darnell, Charles

Davenport, Alonzo A

Davis, Archie W.

Davis, Clifford Clarence

Davis, Damon

Davis, Earl

Davis, Edgar J.

Davis, Fred

Davis, Jeffie

Davis, John Ben

Davis, Leanadus Livingston

Davis, Luther L.

Davis, Marcus

Dawdy, Elmer E.

Dawson, Clarence W.

Day, Charlie

Day, Chester E.

Day, Tunnell

Daye, George T.

De La Mar, George Hill

De Montel, Emmett Joseph

Dean, Alexander A.

Dean, Edler N.

Dean, Elbert E.

Dean, Roy P.

Deese, Perry

Deese, Robert Lee

Deford, Leland E.

Degge,  Ephrain Earl

DeLand, L.G

DeLand, Shirley Wesley

Dellinger, John L

Denison, George Ames

Denney, Walter Clarence

Denny, Grover B.

Denton, Albert G.

Denton, Eugene Earl

Denton, Joseph Emory

Devers, James A.

Dewberry, George  Squire

Dewberry, Monroe

Dews, Marshall

Dickard, Vernon D.

Dickerson, Arthur Lee

Dingler, Sherif R.

Doss, Joseph Marcus

Dove, John L.

Dowdy, Elmer E.

Doyle, Earnest Greer

Doyle, Thomas Murray

Doyle, Willie E.

Driggers, AllieGaston

Dudley, Emerald Earnest

Dudley, William Patrick

Dukes, David W.

Dukes, Graham W.

Dumas, Lawrence W.

Duncan,  Odell

Duncan, Jefferson

Duncan, Winston

Dunlap, Samuel Arthur

Dunn, Bush B.

Easley, Elmer Mason

Eby, Samuel H.

Edwards, Albert

Edwards, Ashley B.

Edwards, Glenn Leroy

Edwards, Jake Loranzo

Edwards, Joseph Emmerson

Edwards, Jr., James M.

Edwards, Lee Graham

Edwards, Orva C.

Edwards, Walter Rogers

Eidom, John R. Jr.

Eidson, Henry D.

Eisen, Jacob L.

Elder, Vance

Elliott, Walter J.

Ellis, Gordon Wesley

Ellis, Green

Ellis, Hubert Jarrell

Ellis, Oscar

Ellis, Walter Lee

Emmet, Korkmas

Emmons, James Arthur

Enochs, James R.

Epperson, Isaac

Ervin, Frank

Etheridge, Lincoln Roscoe

Etter, Roscoe

Evans, Clark H.

Evans, Douglass

Evans, Fletcher

Evans, James S.

Evers, Josepeh Bernhard

Faber, Edwin G.

Faircloth, Charles Ulrich

Farrell, John L

Faulk, Grady Henry

Fears, Robert

Felts, Eulie

Fennell, Tom (Sponsored!)

Ferguson, Charlie Lee

Ferguson, Fred Dawson

Ferguson, Henry M.

Ferguson, John A.

Ferguson, Silas M.


Ferrell, Hubert

Ferrell, James F.

Ferrell, Roscoe D.

Fevers, Deese

Fields, Calvin Luther

Fields, Green

Finefrock, William O.

Fisher, David J

Flanagan, Edward V.

Flanagan, James Webb

Flanagan, Lindley E.

Fleck, George E.

Fleishman, Jack

Floore, Henry Wayne

Floore, John T.

Flora, Wade Dozy

Florence, Gus

Flournoy, Thomas

Flynt, Robert O’Neill

Foley, Henry James

Ford, James Hogg

Ford, John F.

Forman,Jasper L.

Forrest, George B.

Forrister, Thomas Clifford

Fortner, Ike J. (Isaac)

Foshee, Robert W.

Foshee,Bryant Lafayette

Foster, Earl

Fowler, Eugene

Francis, Eddie Lee

Francis, Milton

Francis, Richard

Franklin, Abraham B.

Franklin, Ernest

Franklin, Girley

Franklin, Wendell Wesley

Frazier, Harris L.

Frazier, Irvin P.

Frazier, James Frank

Frederick, James Frazier

Freeman, George

Friedlander, Simon

Frierson, Minto W.

Fulcher, Alonzo

Fuller, Albert A.

Fuller, Druey T.

Furr, James Melburn

Gallagher, Jim R.

Gandy, Luther Clark

Gans, Maurice A.

Gardner, Marion B.

Gardner, Reedy

Garner, William Reedy

Garnett, Jim Thad

Garrett, Walter

Garrison, Louis Lacy

Gates, Hade Clifton

Gatlin, Claude Victor

Gay, Charlie H.

Gee, Sidney Thomas

Geer, Lonnie Ervin

Geer, Willie Macy

Genecov, Aleck Samuel

Gentry, Brady P.

Gentry,Jr., Nathanial Asberry

Gerard, Clarence H.

Gibbs, Cordie Lerory

Gibbs, Tex

Gibson, Emmit Rowland

Gibson, John William

Gibson, Remus M.

Gibson, Walter H.

Gilfillan, Max Dole

Gilfillin, Calvin Willard

Gilley, Charles W.

Gilley, Henry Morgan

Gilliam,  Frederck L.

Gilliam, E. Shelton

Gilliam, Edwin George

Gilliam, Henry S.

Gilmore, Walter Ezekial

Gilstrap, Earl Olin

Gilstrap, Harry Madison

Gimble, Edward Godard

Ginn, Tabor C.

Glaspie, James Archibald “Jim”

Glass, Robert M

Glaze, Frank

Glenn, Frank Anderson

Glenn, John Wesley

Glenn, Marshall D.

Goens , Ernest S.

Goens, James Clifford

Golden, Homer Hugh

Goldsmith, Osher

Goldstucker, Henry Moses

Golsan,  Lewis Edward.

Goode, Bascom Pierce

Gould, John Edwin

Gower, Isaac

Goyen, John Parker

Gradick, Wiley W.

Graham, Frank E.

Graham, Willie C.

Granton, Jesse L

Gray, Luke

Gray, Roy W. P

Green, Aaron

Green, Albert

Green, Callie

Green, Elroy

Green, Jacob

Green, John E.

Green, Louis Parnell

Greer, Edwin C.

Griffies, Henry Ivan

Griffies, Lawrence Wilburn

Griffin, Claude

Griffin, Idus

Griffin, Ira

Griffin, Willie

Griggs, Henry

Grismore, Johnnie Henry

Gronemeyer, Lawrence Herbert

Guilfoyle, Guy M.

Guinn, Sr., William Edward

Guptin, Winfield

Gupton, Lon (Alonzo) Thomas

Gustafson, Leonard

Guthrie, Willie Venoy

Gwinn, Arthur L.

Gwinn, Mason Earl

Hackett, Harold A.

Haden, Clyde Chiilton

Hagan, Jim Clayton

Hagan, Thomas E.

Hale, John Wesley

Hall, Asberry

Hall, Felix Robert

Hall, Harry Blackburn

Hall, Herman

Hall, James Edward

Hall, Lennie

Hall, Walter Edward

Hallmark, Baylor

Hamby, Lee C.

Hamilton, Dixie Glaze

Hamman, Gaston Matthew

Hammil, Robert Edman

Hammock, Virgil Kellis

Hammond, Andrew

Hammonds, Wiley Henry

Hammons, Lindsay

Hampton, Charley

Hampton, Henry

Hampton, Henry Stanley

Hamrick, Durrell B.

Hancock, Lonnie

Handley, Jesse Coleman

Handsome, Jamie

Handy, Robert

Hankins, Willie

Hanks, Dewitt

Hanks, Loyce June

Hanna, James William

Hanson, Gordon Bell

Harden, Benjamin Alfred

Harden, Squire A.

Hardy,Sr. Vessie Earl

Harkey, James Lafayette

Harper, Ira Joy

Harper, James Otto

Harpole, Bruce

Harrington, Frank H.

Harrington, Royal Clifton

Harrington, William E.

Harris, Al H.

Harris, Thomas P.

Harrison, Joe E.

Harrison, Sam S.

Harrison, Thomas B.

Hart, Charles Bartley

Hart, Dewey

Hartfield, John

Harvey,  Henry

Harvey, Joseph E.

Hathcox, Fletcher

Hathcox, Willam Robert

Hawkins, Clyde

Hawkins, Horace Ward

Hawkins, James J.

Hawkins, James Oscar

Hawkins, Will

Haws. Rupert H.

Hayes, Spencer H.

Haygood, Sidney Coy

Hayley, Joseph D.

Hays, Thomas O.

Hearn, Jowell M.

Heflin, Oliver M.

Henderson William P

Henderson, Arch Allen

Henderson, Cornelius

Henderson, Thomas Ward


Hendley, Gordie Lon

Hendrix, John George

Hendrix, Judson Earl

Henry, Cornelius Octavius

Henry, Garrett Roe

Henry, Godbey George

Henry, J.W.

Henry, Lemon

Henry, Sam F.

Henry, William McKinley

Herndon, George

Herring, Bob

Hester, Jack Alfonzia

Hester, John H.

Hewitt, James N

Hickey, Robert E.

Hicks, Axford Jr.

Hicks, Robert Lee

Higby, Ira K

Higginbotham, Chester

Higginbotham, Clarence W.

Higginbotham, Robert O.

Higginbotham, William T.

Highfill, Owen E.

Hilburn, Carslile

Hill, Bennett E.

Hill, Jimmie

Hill, Marvin A.

Hill, Moddrell Franklin

Hill, Richard Brannon

Hill, Roy Aubrey

Hilliard, Silas W.

Hinds, Gordon F.

Hinds, William Wallace

Hitt, Clark O.

Hitt, Lloyd Vol

Hitt, Thomas Clifford

Hix, Charles Madison

Hodges, Harlin A.

Hodges, Jay F.

Hodges, Robert M.

Hodges, Virgil Myrick

Holbroo, Olin K.

Holland, Monte Gene

Holland, Tom F.

Hollis, Woodson

Holloway, Ben

Holloway, Clyde Oliver

Holmes, Whitmore

Holt, Eli L.

Holt, Ivey B.

Holt, James Thomas Morgan

Holt, Richard Brownlow

Holt, Will

Homer, Irvin P.

Hood, Howard T.

Hopper, William Henry

Hopson, Leonard

Horton, Earl B.

Hoskins, Troy Otis

Howard, Ben M.

Howard, Carl Alonzo

Howard, David H.

Howard, Henry Hamilton

Howard, Reuben M.

Howard, William Jarrel

Howell, Paul A.

Howle, John C.

Huddleston, Ousley Keith

Hudson, Eugene C.

Hudson, Johnie

Hudson, William Buell

Huey, Sam Lee

Huff, William A.

Hugghins, Henry S.

Hughes, Charlie

Hughes, Vincent B.

Hugus, Donald F.

Hullett, William Columbus

Hulsey, Charles Freeman

Humphrey, George

Humphrey, Oscar W.

Humphreys, George Washington

Hunt, Carl

Hunt, Mathie Caldwell

Hunt, Olo H.

Hunt, Theodore Woodley

Hunter, Rush Q

Hyshaw, James L.

Ingram, Clyde T.

Ivey, Andrew

Jackson, Herbert Y.

Jackson, Horace

Jackson, John W.

Jackson, Jr., John R.

Jackson, Paul W.

Jackson, Percy E.

Jackson, Terrell

Jackson, Will H.

James, Albert

James, Henry Franklin

James, Hobart

Jarrell, Bunyan Carley

Jarvis, George Gus

Jarvis, Julian Long

Jasper, Jewell

Jasper, Newell

Jay, Marshall Lester

Jeffery, James

Jenkins, Ambrose D.

Jenkins, Thomas G.

Jester, Levi Leven jr

Jewett, Jonas Levias

John, Trullie

Johnigan, Warren

Johnson, Alias

Johnson, Alvie Erwin

Johnson, Andrew

Johnson, Andrew N.

Johnson, Arthur

Johnson, Charles A.

Johnson, Charles J.

Johnson, Charles Jerome

Johnson, Clarence Samuel

Johnson, Cody Bill

Johnson, Davenport

Johnson, Eunice

Johnson, Henry

Johnson, Hernton

Johnson, Jake

Johnson, Jim

Johnson, Jim Sid

Johnson, Levi

Johnson, Ned

Johnson, Thomas

Johnson, Thomas L.

Johnson, Trullie

Johnson, Willie

Johnson, Willie

Jones, Archie Orville

Jones, Ben L.

Jones, Charles Byron

Jones, Columbus A.

Jones, F.C.

Jones, Harlan P.

Jones, Ivory J.

Jones, James Hardy

Jones, Jasper J.

Jones, Jessie

Jones, Jessie

Jones, Johnnie

Jones, Samuel T.

Jones, Sherman

Jones, Truman W.

Jones, Walter P.

Jordan, Chappie

Jordan, Claude B.

Jordan, Halifax

Jordan, Samuel H.

Jordan, Thomas E.

Joyner, Ernest L.

Kale, William Richard

Kay, Johnnie Alford

Kayser, Lawrence August

Keele, William Richard

Keith, Willie O.

Kelley, Willie A.

Kelly, Jerald Owen

Kelly, L.R.

Kendrick, Calvin

Kendrick, Marvin R.

Kennedy, Eugene

Kennedy, John P.

Kennedy, Joseph W.

Kersh, Daniel E.

Kidd, Hyson

Kiker, Earl Bradley

Killgore, Casey William

Killiingsworth, Samuel C.

King, George Byron

King, Ira Jessie

King, Jr., Edward

King, Jr., George

King, William Francis

Kirkendoll, Jesse Clayton

Kirkland, Abner James

Kithchens, James W.

Knight, Starley

Knighton, Thomas

Kornegay, Samuel Milton

Kuykendall, James M.

Lacy, Fred B.

Lacy, James Stephen

Lacy, Reuben

Lacy, Wesley

Land, Jeff D

Landrum, James Quitman

Landureth, William B.

Langham, Jake

Langley, Archie

Langley, Arthur

Langley, Samuel Gallatin

Laseter, Edgar Wood

Lassiter, Henry E.

Laughlin, John Cambelle

Lawhon, Ferrall Y.

Lawhon, John Young

Lawhorn, George Frank

Lawrence, Joe H.

Lawrence, William Dewey

Lawson, Lafayette William

Ledford, Columbus

Lee, Fred T.

Lee, Harvey

Lee, Luther

Lee, Luther Alonzo

Lemacks, Benjamin Fred

Lemacks, Jennings H.

Lemons, George T.

Lemons, Howard

Leonard, Ernest R.

Lesher, Lawrence Albert

Lesterjette, Art Glover

Leviinthal, Harold

Lewis, Ira H

Lewis, Thomas H.

Libhart, Albert

Lieb, George Francis

Lilley, John O.

Lilley, Percy Foster

Lindsey , Luther R.

Lindsey , Ross E.

Lindsey,  Daymon

Lindsey, Joe J.

Littlejohn, Columbus

LittleJohn, Mathew

Lively, Berton A.

Lively, Boyd Ladell

Livingston, Barnett H.

Livingston, Joseph Jerome

Loftin, John K

Long, John R.

Long, Lake William

Longacre, Harry E.

Longley, Hugh Mitchell

Looney, Kirk P.

Looney, Preston P.

Lott, Arthur

Lott, Oscar

Love, Tate Patterson

Lovelady, M.J.

Lovin, Oscar O.

Loving, Stephen C.

Lowry, Syd

Lucas, Essie

Luens, Tom L

Luker, Thomas Russell

Lunceford, Charles Thomas

Lust, Harold William

Luukenbill, Leonard James

Lydia, Hubert

Lynch, James Andrew

Mabry, George Victor

Mack, Willie

MacKay, Willie

Mallory, Raleigh C.

Mallory, Robert B.

Malone, Lewis

Malone, Rather

Mansfield, Fred S.

Marsh, Bryan

Marsh, Curtis S.

Marsh, Overton

Marshall, Collin W.

Marshall, Jr. Saul

Martin, Charles E.

Martin, Franklin Lesley

Martin, Maryland

Martin, Owen Franklin

Martin, Silas

Martin, Willie L.

Marwill, Louis

Marwill, Otto Hyman

Marwisky, Louis

Mason,  James Benjamin

Mason, Samuel O

Massad, Nayef S

Matthews, James Harwood

Matthews, Nat C.

Mauldin, Roy Remus

Maxwell, Robert Alexander

McAfee, John

McAllister, Arthur

McBee, Lyle Henderson

McBride, Douglas W.

McBride, William S

McCaghren, Thomas Jefferson

McCain, James W.

McCain, John Luther

McCall, Marian Carter

McCardell, Darwin Eugene

McCarty, William

McCauley, Doctor Barney.

McClain, William E.

McClelland, Archie

McClendon, Charles (Sponsored!)

McClendon, Sidney

McClung, Joe Butler

McClure, Willie Ernest

McCollum, Homer Stacy

McCorkle, Henry E.

McCorts, Charles Andrew

McCoy, Louis Frank

McCoy, Monroe E.

McCrary, Benjamin Franklin

McCuin, Sam

McCullar, June

McCullough, Harvey

McCullough, Jim

McDaniel, George W.

McDonald, William Marion

McFadden, John Andrew Allen

McFadden, Will Homer

McFarland, Carl

McGee, David Howard

McGee, Major

Mcgehee, Joseph

McGilvery, Tullie

McGlathery, Ross

McIntosh, Jasper Earle

McKay, Edward Dodson

McKee, Roy R.

McKenna, Edmond Patrick

McKenna, Frank L.

McKenzie, Edward Hayden

McKnight, Howard

McLeod, Richard S.

McMinn, Alexander D.

McMinn, Benjamin  Milburn

McMinn, George Montgomery

McMinn, Robert Hudson

McMinn, Talmadge Dewitt

McNeal, Calvin

McNeill, Tellie

McPeak, Hubert B

McQuigg, Roy Lee

McRimon, Carl D.

McWhorter, Oscar J.

Meador, William T.

Meadows, James Wallace

Meadows, Lorenza

Meadows, William L.

Meky, John

Melton, Clarence T.

Merrick, John Fenny

Merritt, Dan

Metcalf, William Darrel

Miles, Vink

Miller, Aytch

Miller, Chester Arthur

Miller, Eddie

Miller, Walter

Miller, Willie

Mims, Elder

Mink, Elwood

Mitchel, Andrew

Mitchell, Carl

Mitchell, Cephus Freddie

Mitchell, Douglas

Mitchell, James J.

Mitchell, Willie

Mitchem, Douglas

Mllington, Nelson Eugene.

Moore, Clyde

Moore, Edwin Henry

Moore, Grover S.

Moore, Henry

Moore, Horace Dickson

Moore, Horace Ferguson

Moore, John Henry

Moore, Joshua

Moore, Jr., Simon

Moore, Paul

Moore, Thomas Harold

Moreland, Matthew

Morere, Francis C.

Morgan, Felton

Morgan, Joseph Richard

Morgan, Madison Franklin

Morris, Fred Jefferson

Morris, Henry

Morris, Johnnie

Morrison, Lee Roy

Morrow, Randal Hosic

Morrow, William C.

Mosby, Wilton B.

Mosely, Claudie

Mosely, Maurice George

Mosley,  Wilton B.

Mosley, Pink

Mosley, William Pitt

Moss, Ernest

Moss, Willie

Muckleroy, William Austin

Muller, Charles L.

Mullican, Rheuben Venson

Mullins, Arthur Jackson

Mullins, Henry

Mullins, William Morris

Mumphrey, O.J.

Munster, Ferdinand Henry

Murad, Lewis

Murph, Henry Clyde

Murphy, Hampson Gary

Murphy, Jesse

Murray, Savrie Bryan

Murrell, Hugh Jackson

Murrell, Hugh Jackson

Murry, Horace Edward

Murry, Theoplhilus

Myers, Henry Glenn

Myers, Maynard

Myers, William Phillip

Myrick, Cecil Edwin

Myrick, R. Clyde

Myrick, William Jennings

Nash, Charles J.

Neal, Clarence

Neely , Edward Boyd

Neill, David Jewell

Neill, John F.

Neill, Walter Sherrell

Neill, William L.

Nenney, William Francis

Newman, Charles Ivy

Newman, Dave

Newman, Emil

Newman, William Rees

Newman, Willis

Newsom, Howard Francis

Newton, George L.

Nichols, Horace L.

Nixson, Henry Ervin

Norman , Paul H.

Norris, Paul Ensor

Norton, John L.

Nunn, Claud D.

O’Brien, James Patrice

Oden, Clyde M.

Oden, John Tinkler

Odom, Frank

Ogburn, John T.

Oglesby, Elbert L.

Ogletree, George Neeley

Olive, Eunice

Oliver, Jerry Casin

O’Neal, Daniel Falcon

O’Neill, Charles O.

O’Neill, Willliam

Ormand, Marvin

Orr, Emmett J.

Overleese, Herbert Marion

Owen, Oscar Vernon

Owens, Albert Montgomery

Owens, Harvey

Oxford, Harry Earl

Ozment, William Etheridge

Pace, Calvin Leslie

Palmer, Albert S.

Palmer, Osburne Cosby

Parham, Roy F.

Parker, Andy F.

Parker, Clarence Edelle

Parker, Clarence Hayes

Parker, Cyril Holt

Parker, William Elbert

Parks, Tracy W.

Pate, Charles E.

Patrick, Marvin S.

Patton, Tom

Payne, Bryan William

Payne, Henry H.

Payne, Johnnie W.

Payne, Ottie O.

Pearson, Harrison

Pearson, Tillman Henry

Pearson, Tolmie Arthur

Peck, Tom

Peete, Herbert B.

Pendergrass, Raymond A.

Pendleton, George C.

Pendleton, Harry E.

Perdue, James Leonard

Perry, James F.

Perry, John H.

Petty, Claude

Peyton, Thomas B.

Phelps, Anderson W.

Phiillips, Hamp Newton

Phillips, Clide

Phillips, Dewitt T.

Phillips, Ernest

Phillips, Ernest Lee

Phillips, George Houston

Phillips, Richard H.

Phillips, Rufus Lemuel

Phillips, William Wesley

Pickett,  Orlan W.

Pierce, Burnette C.

Pierce, Clyde M.

Pierce, John Riley

Pierce, Jule Love

Pierce, Sam

Pike, James Walker

Pinketon, Claude Reed

Pitt, Amos Burrel

Pledger, Charlie Earnest

Pledger, Zack

Polk, Valdostia V.

Pollard, Tomas Glover

Pool, George W.

Pool, Ray Thomas

Pope,  Irvin Jr,

Pope, John Hunter

Porter, Will

Portier, Louis Victor

Portwood, Harrison Reed

Potter, Cone R.

Potter, Howard Roe

Pounders, Corry Hubbard

Pounders, Ernest Sidney

Powell, John W.

Powell, Joseph

Powell, Lee Elgie

Powell, Lee Hilsman

Prater, Carl A.

Prater, Hobart McKinley

Prater, John L.

Price, Claudie W.

Price, Dan

Price, Sidney

Price, William Earl

Price, Willlam

Prichard, Jesse Morgan

Prichard, Willie McDonald

Pride, Roy L.

Proctor, Charles Lang

Pruett, Raymond Lawrence

Pruitt, Henry Marshall

Pruitt, Robert

Pruitt, William B.

Pryor, Henry Eugene

Pugh, Claud

Purvis, William Albert “Bill”

Pyron, Fred

Quinn, Carl M.

Raborn, Jody L.

Ragsdale, Asbury Parke

Ragsdale, Earnest E.

Raibon, Abraham

Rainer, Clarence Stanley

Rainer, James Edgar

Ramey, Thomas Boyd

Ratcliff, John J.

Rather, Claude Brightwell

Rather, Elmer

Rather, Rupert Lee

Rawlings, Earl Franklin

Rawlings, Lee Douglas

Rawlings, Samuel Douglas

Ray, Bland

Ray, Bryan K.

Ray, Forrest G.

Ray, Roy

Ray, William C. Jr.

Ray, William Marshall

Read, Tully Choice

Reagan, Clyde Bradford

Rease, George Allen

Rease. Charles W.

Rector, Jessie Lee

Reece, Phillip

Reeves, Harry S.

Reeves, Thomas J.

Regan, Fred

Regan, Harold

Register, Thomas R.

Reinhardt, Eph Bee

Reinhardt, Robert Locke

Renfro, William Wade

Rhemes, Walker

Rhoades, Roy Cecil

Rhodes, Eddie

Rhodes, Marshall H.

Rhome, Lucius J.

Rice, Elbert Dean

Rice, Leonard

Rice, Wayne F.

Richards, Edward Parish

Richardson, James G.

Richardson, Onis James

Richardson, Reuben T

Richardson, Samuel H.

Richardson, William A

Rickard, Roy

Ridlehuber, Walter T.

Rivers, Ed

Riviere, Paul

Riviere, Roy R.

Roberson, John

Roberts, Clyde Willis

Roberts, Flynn

Roberts, Fred

Roberts, John William

Roberts, Joseph James

Roberts, Roland R.

Roberts, William Roderic

Roberts. Beecher

Robertson, Jewel King

Robins, Fred Alexander

Robins, Sim

Robinson, Henry

Robinson, Monroe

Robinson, William

Rogers, Virgil Mack Lee

Rome, Hobert

Rosenstein, Earl M.

Ross, Bonnie

Ross, Earskon T.

Ross, Glenn

Ross, Hernton

Royal, John M.

Rozell, William Floyd

Ruff, Joe

Russell, Patrick Clifford

Ryan, James Harvey

Sadler, Obie Briscoe

Salmon, Alvin C.

Samford, William Alfred

Sanders, Allen F.

Sanders, Isaac Perry

Sanders, Jessie Jefferson

Sanders, Jim

Sanders, Julius Mitchell

Sanders, Randall F.

Sandridge, Ercy C.

Sash, Earl

Savage, Calvin C.

Savage, John Henry

Saye, Hugh Alonzo

Schmidt, William B.

Scott, Hugo Perry

Scott, John

Scott, Milton D.

Scott, Theophilus J

Scroggin, James Vernor

Seale, Kirby

Seaton, David

Sebree, Tom Sam

Self, Thomas L

Settle, Charlie E.

Shackelford, Erastus

Shackleford, Ulishious Simpson

Shamburger, Louie Thomas

Shamburger, William M.

Shank, Henry Mercer

Shanks, John W.

Sharman, Gordon O.

Sharman, Thomas Sanford

Sharp, Andrew Peyton

Shaw, Amos Udell

Shaw, Hilliard

Shaw, James D.

Shaw, Malford P.

Shaw, Reuben Franklin

Shaw, Reuel Augustus

Sheats, Sam

Sheffield, James W.

Shelton, Douglas Howard

Shelton, Ernest Grover

Shelton, Fred Bryan

Shelton, Jerome Russell

Shelton, Jesse E.

Shelton,Rufus Hoover

Shettlesworth, John Floyd

Shiflet, Raby R.

Shine, Walter H.

Shores, Roy Joesph

Shuman, Clifford W.

Shumate, Bill

Shuttlesworth, Samuel Washington “Sammie”

Sikes, Charlie Joe

Simmons, Albert Isaac

Simmons, Bryant Bike

Simmons, Manley

Simmons, Walter

Simons, Thomas Shirley

Simpson, Gordon

Simpson, Tully E.

Sims, Larry Marion

Sims, Webster Finley

Sinclair, David G.

Sinclair, William Jackson

Skaggs, Andrew Donnie

Slaton, Buddy Tasker

Slaven, Lonnie J.

Slocum, Ed

Small, Leonard Stanley

Smart, Charles Malcolm

Smith Serguis S.

Smith, Andrew

Smith, Andrew

Smith, Archie Alvin

Smith, Daniel Johnson

Smith, Elijah Augustus

Smith, Frank Austin

Smith, Gary

Smith, George W. D.

Smith, Henry Richard

Smith, James Hubert

Smith, John H.

Smith, John W.

Smith, Joseph Henry

Smith, Leonard G.

Smith, Lester Everette

Smith, Lester K.

Smith, Lester Kelton

Smith, Louis

Smith, Ralph Benjamin

Smith, Ray A.

Smith, Reuben

Smith, Ruble Edward

Smith, Sam Aylward

Smith, Sergius S.

Smith, T. Royal

Smith, Tom

Smith, Will

Smith, William Bonner

Smith, Willie

Smith, Willie Robert

Smth, Ray A.

Snodgrass, Elijah Robert Carroll

Solman, Woodie E.

Sorrells, Warren W.

South, James Orville

Sparks, William Clark

Spence, Ernest McKinley

Spencer, Elige

Spencer, Joseph Burleson

Spivey, Sir Rupert

Spragins, Henry Harmon

Stamper, Harry C.

Stamps, Ezra A.

Stamps, Frank W.

Stamps, Randolph Clark

Stanley, Joseph Hugh

Stansell, Jim

Stanton, Willie A.

Starkey, Stirl McDonald

Starks, Joe

Starks, John Henry

Starks, Professor

Starr, Russell

Stedman, Leander Calvin

Steed, Lewis Lankford

Steed, Louis redeick

Steed, Roy B.


Steel, Jesse Foster

Stell, Langston Montgomery

Stell, Leonard Hampton

Stephenson, James Frank

Stephenson, Joel Jackson.

Steward, Earl Allison

Stewart, Jr.,  Albert Earl

Stigers, Oscar

Stocker, Charles J.

Stockton, Sam Lewis

Stokes, Albert B.

Stokes, Jordan O.

Stokes, Lee Roy

Stone, Clide Turner

Stone, Horace B.

Stone, Oscar C.

Stone, Paul Revere

Storey, Robert Gerald

Strayhorn, Jr, Hugh

Street, Forrest C.

Strode, Smith

Stroud, Willie Wright

Sullivan, Vernon Reid

Sumate, Parker

Sutton, William

Swan, Thomas Elbert

Swancy, Med

Swann, Fred Porter

Swann, Joe M.

Swann, John D.

Swanson, Albert Lee

Sweet, Durham

Swenson, Theodore August

Swinney, Frank J.

Tally, Gustava

Tate, Thomas

Tave,  Caleb

Taylor, Arshiel Certh

Taylor, Ben C.

Taylor, Clinton

Taylor, Earl Clifton

Taylor, Everett Lee

Taylor, James G.

Taylor, Jeff

Taylor, John

Taylor, John Pope

Taylor, Jr., Gustave F.

Taylor, Louia

Taylor, Otis C.

Taylor, Sandy H

Taylor, Sheldon Chapaman

Taylor, Thomas

Teel, William Taylor

Templeton, Corliss Bowling

Templeton, Gordon Lee

Tennison, John David

Terry, Millard S.

Terry, Richard O.

Thedford, Douglas Dewitt

Thedford, James Connor

Thedford, Julian F.

Thedford, Rufus W.

Thomas, Charles William

Thomas, Charley

Thomas, Charley Russell

Thomas, Douglas

Thomas, Henry Grady

Thomas, James Harry

Thomas, Jay P.

Thomas, Joseph Lee

Thomasson, Horace B.

Thompson, Albert H.

Thompson, Ellis

Thompson, Jim

Thompson, John Douglas

Thompson, Luther Wilburn

Thompson, Robert T.

Thompson, Walter Z

Thompson, William L.

Thornton, George M.

Thornton, Horace Chilton

Thurman, Samuel Clayton

Tibbs, William Jesse

Tierney, James F.

Tillison, Roy Roland

Tillman, Henry

Tillman, James

Tillman, Wade

Tipton, Herman Ellis

Todd, Eddie Russell

Todd, John Floyd

Todd, Rufus E.

Tolbert, Jesse

Tomlin, Alvin F.

Tomlin, Edward Charles

Tomlin, Eugene Argo

Tomlin, Granvil Evins

Tomme, Marshall Mosure

Tooke, Derrell M.

Towles, Clyde

Townsend, Sr., James Allen

Tucker, Hance

Tucker, Henry

Tucker, Henry R.

Tucker, Jesse Harris

Tucker, John

Tucker, Robin C.

Tucker, Sam

Tucker, Will

Tucker, William Pettus

Tunnell, Starling Andrew

Turman, Floyd

Turner, Dreeben  Prentiss

Turner, James Ervin

Turner, James Leslie

Turner, Magruder H

Tye, Jesse A.

Tyler, William Harold

Upton, James

Ussery, William Lee

Vanorman, Oliver R.

Vaughn, Walter

Vaugn, Hugh Jerome

Veasey, Ralph Lawson

Vermillion, Odie Ernest

Verner, Charles Bryan

Vickers, Ulysses

Vickery, Guy

Volentine, James F

Waddle. Oscar N.

Wade, Carl Perry

Wade, Charlie

Wade, Dock

Wade, Jessie

Wade, Willie

Wagener, James Wilbur

Wagner, Tom Anderson

Waldrep, James  L

Walker, Andrew

Walker, Clarence M.

Walker, George

Walker, Hyman

Walker, Irvan

Walker, Robert L.

Walker, Shuford

Walker, Thomas Earl

Walker, William

Walker, Willie

Wall, Eldridge M.

Wallace, Fred Douglas

Wallace, Gordon Dewey

Wallace, James Elmo

Wallace, Lee Alfred

Waller, Isaac T (Ike)

Walsh, Edmund H.

Walsh, Gordon

Walters, Charlie Ernest

Walters, Finis Ewing

Walters, James Bomar

Walton, Acy C.

Walton, Charlie

Walton, Dallas

Walton, James

Walton, Mack

Walton, Mart

Ward, Arthur

Ward, Enod Lee

Ward, James Utley

Ware, Arrie

Warren, Felix

Warren, George

Warren, James Clarence

Warren, Robert Pearson

Warren, Thomas

Washington, McHenry

Waterman, Caleb W.

Waterman, John Eskew

Waters, Anson Chester

Waters, Felix

Waters, James A.

Waters, John Derise

Waters, Luther

Watkins, Edwin Newton

Watkins, Henry Wallace

Watkins, William L.

Watson, James Clifton

Watson, Mack

Watson, Willie Buchanan

Watts, William F.

Webb, Andrew Jackson

Webb, James Madison

Webb, Otis Calaway

Webb, Willie Rubert

Webb. Charles Clifford

Webster, John

Webster, Noble

Webster, Walter Carl

Webster, Willie R.

Wells, Arthur

Wells, Chester

Wells, Dock David

Wells, Ernest C.

Wells, Felix

Wells, Horace M.

Wells, Joe C.

Welsh, John A.

Wessels, George B.

West, Othie (Otha)

Wester, Walter Carl

Whatley, James Logan

Whisenant, Maynard Dill

Whisenant, Willie L.

Whisenhunt, Starley Bryant

Whitaker, Hugh V.

White, Charles E.

White, Fred L.

White, Harry Gordon

White, Hugh Edwin

White, James Hogg

White, Joe Benjamin

White, Joel Cross

White, John N.

White, Karl Kirk

White, Levi

White, Oscar

White, Ralph A.

White, Ralph Alfred

White, Ralph Alfred

White, Sherman Reed

White, Sidney

White, Willie P.

Whitefield, Sr., Thomas Foy

Whitman, William T.

Whitmill,  Amos

Whitney, Raymond L.

Wideman, Henry Cole

Wiggins, Alphonse s.

Wiggins, John D.

Wiggins, Lon

Wilbanks, James Franklin

Wilbourn, Johnnie

Wilbourn, Tom

Wilcox, Clemoth Justice

Wilder, Hugh Jenkins

Wiley, Earnest Leon

Wiley, Thomas Joseph

Wilkerson, Vonner Lamar

Wilkes, John Thomas

Wilkinson, Henry Hayden

Wilkinson, Robert Everett

Wilks, Lawrence

Williams, Antoney

Williams, Archie

Williams, Bennie

Williams, Charlie

Williams, Claude

Williams, Dallas

Williams, Dan F.

Williams, Dave

Williams, Edward

Williams, Frank

Williams, Frank

Williams, George

Williams, Henry

Williams, James Oscar

Williams, James S.

Williams, Joe

Williams, Joe

Williams, Jr., Lewis

Williams, Levi G.

Williams, Nathan

Williams, Nathaniel F.

Williams, Paul Dewey

Williams, Robert L/W.

Williams, Robert M.

Williams, Sam

Williams, Wayman Laverne

Williamson, Samuel Jones

Willingham, Charles Esten

Wills, John Jackson

Wilson,  Thomas Williams

Wilson, Benjamin E.

Wilson, Charles Ward

Wilson, Daniel Preston

Wilson, Horace Coke

Wilson, James E.

Wilson, Thomas Fred

Wimberly, Sidney

Windham, Lynn Burke

Wininger, Owen Lee

Winkfield, Lucius C.

Winson, Columbus

Winton, Clarence Edward

Woldert, Jack Wofford

Woldert, Jr., Alex

Womack, Roy Edgar

Wood, Henry Fort

Woodall, James Joe

Woodward, Felix W.

Wooten, Jesse

Wooten, Uris

Wortham, Eddie

Wren, Robert Brannon

Wright, Albert A.

Wright, Ernest G.

Wright, Linus Dewey

Wright, Willie

Wyatt, Claud Henry

Yarbrough, Clyde

York, Huie Vonner

York, Lonnie Henigor

York, Park B.

Young, Obie

Zeppa, Joseph

Zipf, Herbert Fontaine

Zuckerman, William