Chronicles of Smith County, Texas, Volume 3 Issue 1 (new/used)


Chronicles of Smith County, Texas, Volume 3 Issue 1, Spring 1964.

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Chronicles of Smith County, Texas has been published by the Smith County Historical Society since 1962. The articles are always informative about the county’s history and often include photographs, maps and tables.

All issues have been published in an 8.5 inch X 11 inch, soft cover format. With the large number of topics already covered since its beginning, past issues of Chronicles are important resources for any person researching our history!

Indexes, each covering a 10-year span of Chronicles, are also available and provide the invaluable keys to this saved history.

original copies of this volume have been donated, first come first served!!!

Table of Contents

  • The Wiley House, Sand Flat, Texas photograph by Morris Burton, front cover
  • Foreword, page 1
  • Old Homes Issue: historical sketches and pictures of: Bell house, 411 South Broadway/Tyler; Browning house, Starrville – Browning Road; Chilton house, South Chilton and West Phillips Streets/Tyler; Dewberry house, Teaselville Community; Gary house, Farm Road 757/near Starrville; Goodman house, 624 North Broadway/Tyler; Hitt-Wilbanks house, Hopewell-Sand Flat Road; Huggins-Starnes house, Starrville Community; Kay house, North of Winona on Highway 155; Loftin house, Farm Road 344; Marsh house, 522 South Broadway/Tyler; Miller house, 223 East Charnwood/Tyler; Niblack house, East Commerce Street/Tyler; Patterson house, 1311 West Oakwood/Tyler; Ramsour house, 504 East Charnwood/Tyler; Rowland house, 104 East Valentine/Tyler; Swann house, Hopewell-Sand Flat Road; Turner house, Garden Valley; Wiley house, Sand Flat Community; Williams house, 513 Williams Court/Tyler, page 2-11, 14-23
  • Smith’s School in Tyler 1866, page 24-25
  • Facsimile, front page of Tyler Reporter, Apr 25, 1860, page 12-13
  • Facsimile, Ordinances of the town of Tyler, 1868, page bc

These are the only Original Copies available and are sold as is– see above

To view an index of people, places, subjects, etc. to all issues of the Chronicles of Smith County, Texas that has been published, please click here.

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