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Excerpt from Inside of Dust Jacket: This is an effort to provide a chronological history of the County. Often a person interested in its history may desire to know what happened at a specific time in history. Until now there was no easy access to this type of information. Furthermore, this book provides a day-by-day account as far as possible of specific events that reveal the history in a new way.

This book is not designed for reading in a narrative fashion. Instead, it is more of a reference book or a book for browsing. No attempt was made too include a complete account of each event.

Donald W. Whisenhunt is a native of Texas who received his undergraduate education at McMurry College in Abilene, Texas, and both his masters and doctoral degrees at Texas Tech University. He has taught at universities in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico, and the University of Texas at Tyler. Dr. Whisenhunt has researched and published extensively on Texas history, as well as other historical subjects. He served as president of the Smith County Historical Society in 1980.

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Donald W. Whisenhunt




Jack T. Greer Memorial Fund of the Smith County Historical Society


Copyright 1983, Hardcover with dust jacket, 128 pages