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This event finished on 18 October 2019

As a museum and archives,  the Smith County Historical Society actively accepts donations of objects and documents! In preparation of this meeting, our Archives Manager and Office Manager inventory and prepare all available information on possible donations and then present them to the committee. We may not accept any item into any of our collections until it has been voted on and approved by this committee.

Since the Society is the SMITH COUNTY Historical Society, we do ask that all donations have a relationship to our County and its rich history! If you have items that aren’t Smith County related, but would still like to see them donated to an appropriate institution, we would be happy to direct  you to the best of our abilities!

Please do note: all items discussed at the meetings must be received PRIOR to the meeting! With a limited amount of time for our members to discuss each object, document, or photo(s) we try and prep as much as possible before hand!


If you have items you would like to donate, please feel free to call or stop by our offices!