Mary Jane McNamara Internship

This internship was created as a memorial for a beloved and dearly missed volunteer, Mary Jane McNamara.  Mary Jane was an integral piece of the history of the Carnegie Library– its building, and the Smith County Historical Society. She dedicated her life to the people of her community and the history they shared together.This internship hopes to provide a qualified applicant with the ability to experience the workings of a historical institution, and to experience the joy of sharing history with those searching for it.

The Internship

Time Commitment


The Smith County Historical Society is a small non-profit organization that operates under part-time hours. The intern’s schedule of availability will need to correspond with our hours of operation. The Society expects the following commitment from potential interns:

8 hours/week for Fall/Spring semester with a 16 week requirement

12 hours/week for a full Summer semester with an 11 week requirement

Additionally, you will be required to work for four hour stretches for a total of eight hours per week.

Possible Tasks


The Society operates both as a museum and as an archives. In the past our interns have worked solely with our archives under the supervision and direction of our Archives Manager. Past responsibilities have included:

Scan photographs

Organize vertical files

Assist with customers/ researchers

Use of PastPerfect (museum software)

Assist with exhibit installation

Rearranging of physical objects (some heavy lifting required)

However, please note, the Society maintains only 2 employees (excluding an intern) and depends on volunteer assistance. With respect to a prospective intern, this means that we need a candidate that is willing to work outside of a set responsibilities list and can be as adaptable as we are.



The Society serves as a community resource, and as such, is used in a versatile manner. We have a wide variety of requests and inquiries that come across our desks which will provide a wealth of opportunities to an intern. We hope that the experience our intern gains from this working opportunity will help shape them in their future endeavors.

Although we value experience, as you should, we recognize that monetary compensation is just as significant! This is a paid internship with a compensation of $1,500.00/ semester!

Key Qualifications

  • Reading cursive handwriting is a requirement
  • Must be enrolled in a Smith County, Texas, institution of higher education: Tyler Jr. College, Texas College, or The University of Texas at Tyler
  • Must have successfully completed a minimum of 1 year (24 semester hours) of college with a declared major in History, Library Science, or Education
  • Detail-oriented
  • Flexible– both in schedule and attitude
  • Computer literate
  • Call (903) 592-5993 for more requirements and information


Do I have to be a college student?

Yes, our intern must be currently enrolled at an institution of higher education.

Is this a paid internship?

Yes, the Smith County Historical Society provides compensation of $1,500.00/ semester.

Can I work from home?

No, you must be able to work within our normal weekday hours of operation. These hours are Tuesday- Friday 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.  It is also important to note that most intern responsibilities fall under the scope of our archives department. 

  • Please upload a copy of your resume here.