Carnegie Building

Carnegie Library circa 1910.

In an effort to fulfill the Smith County Historical Society’s mission of preservation and presentation, a wonderful museum is housed in the front rooms of the old 1904 Carnegie Library. Although the old Library in-and-of-itself is a historical treasure, the exhibits housed within weave together the history of Smith County, Texas seamlessly through permanent and temporary exhibits.

Over the past 30 years, the Society has been the home of dioramas ranging from Caddo Indians to our historic Cotton Belt railroad. Recently, in an effort to celebrate the Centennial anniversary of the entrance of the United States in to World War I, these dioramas have been removed and a new World War I exhibit will takes its place. This new exhibit Wading Through Blood: The Great War & Smith County Men is slated to open November 18, 2017, and although the exhibit will be free to the public, we are offering a special catered opening that day with tickets available for purchase.

The Society will continue to offer a permanent exhibit with its 20th Century of Progress exhibit, and eventually, a Civil War exhibit. In addition, with the remodeling of the old diorama locations, the Society hopes to provide the perfect slate for new and exciting upcoming exhibits! Make sure to check back frequently for these new exhibits.