Texas State Gazetteer & Business Directory, 1882-1883

Texas State Gazetteer & Business Directory, 1882-1883
Standard Directory Co., Nashville, Tennessee
(Original at Dallas Public Library)
copied pages 825 to 827

Smith County–Junction Min. Br. I. & G. N. R. R., and T. & St. L. Ry. 

County seat and money order office, with a population of 3,000. A handsome and prosperous young city, 26 miles from Mineola, 18 from Troup, 128 from Texarkana, and 129 from Waco. The general offices of the T. & St. L. Ry are located here, and the city has offices of Pacific Exp., Texas Exp., and Western Union Tel. Co’s; two banks, two frundries [sic.], one gin and grist mill, four newspapers—“Courier” (daily and weekly), “Democrat & Reporter,” “Texas Greenbacker” and “Texas Law Journal”—good schools and Baptist, Catholic, Episcopal, Methodist and Presbyterian churches. Shipments are made direct, of course. Exports cotton and hides. A. F. Hunt, P. M.

Adams, George – blacksmith
Andrews, R. (Rev.) – Baptist
Armitage, William L. – confectioner
Askew, H. G. – genl store
Atterberry, E. – painter
Badt, J. M. – dry goods
Balder, P. – shoemkr
Bell, D. – physician
Bergfeld, R. – saloon
Bonner & Bonner, (F. W., T. R. & J. H.) – bankers
Border Bros., (J. P. & Ira) – agts Pacific Exp. Co.
Bowen, C. O. – drugs
Brower, H. – brickmkr
Brown, George P. – grocer
Brown, J. H. & Co. (Jacob H. and John A. Brown), genl store
Brown, M. T. & Co. (Morris T. Brown, O. Lofton), hardware, etc.
Butler, J. W., sheriff
Cain, W. G., ins. Agt
Cain, S. M. & J. R., confectioners
Chambers, S. H., grocer
Charnwood Institute, A. L. M. Logan, prin
Clay, E. L., furniture, sash, doors and blinds
Collins, J. J., grocer
Connally, D. H., physician
Cousins, W. H., genl store
Covington, William M., harnessmkr
Daily Courier, J. P. Green, pubr
Day, W. C., co treas
Democrat and Reporter (weekly), H. V. Hamilton, pubr
Dilley, George M. & Son, foundry
Dodd & Reaves (T. W. Dodd, Stephen Reaves), attorneys
Donley, W. E., co atty
Douglass, A. C., physician
Durst, John, land agt
East Texas University, A. R. Horne, pres
Edwards, Edward G., saloon
Elbertson, E. & Co., (Elef Elbertson, S. C. Halverson), genl store
Ellis, Ira, co surveyor
Ferguson House, Keith and Twyfork, proprs
Floore & Brown, (John W. Floore, Richard H. Brown), genl store
Ford & Baskin, (R. S. Ford, T. M. Baskin), contractors
Fox, A. & Bro. (Abraham and Alexander), dry goods
Friedlander & Clark (Herman Friedlander, Robert Clark), saloon
Garden, C. T. & Nutson (Charles T. Garden, Peter Nutson), photographers
Gaston, F. E., dentist
Godfrey & Cain (M. W. Godfrey, W. L. Cain), dry goods
Goodman, W. J., physician
Goodman & Paulson (W. J. Goodman, W. A. Paulson), drugs
Green, J. P., pubr Daily Courier
Green, L. M., pubr Weekly Courier
Green & Co., hardware, etc.
Grinnan Howell, genl store
Halsey, H. D., dry goods
Hamilton, H. V., propr Democrat and Reporter
Harwell, Henry W., furniture and undertaker
Herndon, W. S., attorney
Hicks, F. M., physician
Hockersmith, J. M., furniture
Hubbard, Whitaker & Bonner (R. B. Hubbard, H. M. Whitaker, C. T. Bonner), attorneys\
Human, Basel A., grocer
Hunt, A. F., agt Texas Exp. Co
Johnson, Charles V., clk dist court
Jones, D. H., foundry and planing mill
Jones, E., physician
Jones, Tignal W., attorney
Keith & Twyford, props Ferguson House
Lewis & Aronsohn, (Isaac Lewis, S. Aronsohn), dry goods
Long, R. B., Jr., clothing
Lorance, Quincy D., grocer
McBride, H. J., & Bro. (H. J. and James A.), dentists
McIlwaine, A. Graham, attorney
McLeland, W. R., Rev., Presbyterian
Marsh, W. H., painter
Marks, A., dry goods
Marteno, J. E., grocer
Masters, George A., saloon
Moore, W. R., ins agt
Mullins, Thaddeus S., grocer
Murphy, A. M., watches, clocks, etc.
Newton, S. T., attorney
Neblack, T. R., co tax assessor
Norwood, George (c), barber
Owens, G. L. & T. J., grocers
Park, W. H., physician
Parks, T. W., agt I. & G. N. R. R. and observer U. S. signal service
Patterson, J. F., co tax collector
Patterson, J. P., genl store
Paulson, George, tailor
Phillips, U. B., Rev., Methodist
Philips & Moore (A. J. Philips & A. P. Moore), grocers
Porter, G. V., grocer
Reed, Martin, barber
Reid, J. F., physician
Robertson, John C., dist. judge
Robertson & Finley (H. G. Robertson, N. W. Finley), attorneys
Robison, J. J., livery
Rosenfield, Max, dry goods
Rowland, H. H. & Bro. (Horace H. and Benjamin W.), drugs
Rucker, John M., co clerk
Scott, M. & Bro. (Marcellus and Benjamin F.), genl store
Shuford, Cherry & Co. ( Q. A. Shuford, W. T. Cherry, W. H. McKay), drugs
Shuford, Q. A., physician
Shwarts, A., cotton buyer
Stebens, B. F., barber
Texas Greenbacker, S. R. Withers, pubr
Texas Law Journal, Walker & Cox, pubrs
Texas & St. Louis Railway, J. W. Paramore, pres; G. W. Lilley, G. P. and fgt agt
Thornton & Wright (Thomas H. Thornton, Leon Wright), grocers
Vieno, Edwin, shoemkr
Weekly Courier, L. M. Green, propr
White, Alexander ©, barber
White, J. T., hotel
Whitney, J. P., jeweler
Wiggins & Co. (Edward Wiggins and —-), grocers
Wiley & Cox (Thomas J. Wiley, Samuel H. Cox), genl store
Williams, E. C. & Co. (E. C. Williams and —-), bankers
Willis, Edward, agt T. & St. L. Ry
Wimberly & Philips (G. C. Wimberly, George R. Philips), genl store
Woldert, John G., furniture

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