Yearbooks of Dixie School

Smith County, Texas

This is a listing of the yearbooks of Dixie School that we own and have available in our archives. Copies are available at $1.00 per page.  E-mail us for instructions to order and pay. We will copy any pages you wish and you can pick up or we can mail it to you.

You can come in to research the yearbooks that are in our archives. Please contact us with an e-mail or call (903) 592-5993 to tell us when you are coming and what you are researching. We will do our best to have material pulled to make your trip easier and more productive.

We are partnering with East Texas Genealogical Society in indexing the yearbooks. We will upload them as we get them ready. If the year that you are interested in is not listed, check back later to see if we have received any donations of the yearbook that you want. We gratefully accept donations of yearbooks and other Smith County related material. Click here for more information.









History of

In 1924, three two-teacher rural schools, Pleasant Retreat, Blackfork, and Spring Hill, were consolidated into one school, located about six miles west of the Tyler city limits off the Dallas Highway; and the school. One of the board members suggested that H. L. Carter, the Board President, offer a name that they could support. The chairman quickly accepted the challenge, stating that since the road, old highway 64, running past the school was called Dixie Road, the school could be called the Dixie School. The other trustees, J. W. Bass, J. E. Cook, R. M. Cook, O. F. Davis, and D. O. Ford readily accepted the suggestion and voted unanimously to name it the “Dixie School.” After several additions, the school became a part of the Tyler Independent School District in June of 1956.[i]

[i] Tyler School Names and Their Origins, Tyler Public Schools, Tyler, Texas 1971, page 8.


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