Chronicles of Smith County, Texas, Volume 12 Issue 1 (new old stock/REPRODUCTION/used)


Chronicles of Smith County, Texas, Volume 12 Issue 1, Summer 1973

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Chronicles of Smith County, Texas has been published by the Smith County Historical Society since 1962. The articles are always informative about the county’s history and often include photographs, maps and tables.

All issues have been published in an 8.5 inch X 11 inch, soft cover format. With the large number of topics already covered since its beginning, past issues of Chronicles are important resources for any person researching our history!

Printed Indexes are also available to purchase and provide the invaluable keys to this saved history. The first printed index covers Volumes 1 to 10 of the Chronicles. The second book covers Volumes 11-20 with the third covering Volumes 21-30. The fourth and final index book covers Volumes 31-40.

4 new old stock copies, 2 reproduction copies, and 5 used copies of this volume have been found in store back-stock, first come first served!!!

Table of Contents:

  • Photo of United States Court House and Post Office, front cover
  • Information of United States Court House and Post Office, inside front cover
  • History of the Tyler Post Office, Federal Building From 1847-1934, by Will A. Woldert Sr., page 1-11
  • East Alabama Gone West (Alabamians in East Texas) by Alexander Nunn, page 12-13
  • “The Hero of San Jacinto is Communing with the People” (Sam Houston Speaks in Tyler) by Bob Peters, page 14-16
  • Pictures From Our Past -“Blackfork School Closing Exercises, 1907″ by Mrs. Harold Beaird, Sr., page 17
  • Colonel John Dewberry; His Life and Myrtle-Vale by Sharon Lee Stine, page 18-23
  • Painting of Dewberry House by E.M. “Buck” Schiwetz, page 20
  • The Old Stockade (Camp Ford) by Thomas Ludwell Bryan, page 24-27
  • “But the Corn Stands Rather Well,” two Civil War letters of Franz Coller, 6th Texas Infantry C.S.A. edited by Gilbert M. Cuthbertson, page 28-31
  • The Saloons of Tyler, Texas 1847-1901 by Robert Fleet, page 32-40
  • “An Ancestor of Trinity University (Larissa College)” from Frontier Times, page 40-41 
  • Photograph-First U. S. Air Mail Flight from Rhodes Field in Tyler, 1934, back cover


8 Original Copies Are available sold as is– 2 Reproduction copies are available sold as is


Check out our Chronicles On-line Index – a compilation of the four published books of indexes and seven unpublished volumes of indexes.

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