Teenagers on walking challenge (print)


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Teenagers on JFK walking challenge Van Highway



Teenagers on walking challenge

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This picture was taken on the Van Highway.

It is part of the collection of negatives and photos that Smith County Historical Society’s Jack T. Greer Memorial Trust Fund acquired from Freddie Black in 2003. Mr. Falkner was born November 10, 1911 at Garden Valley, Smith County, Texas and died October 21, 1992 at Tyler, Smith County, Texas.  His career started in the 1940s and continued through the 1980s, covering every subject imaginable.  The collection includes family portraits, weddings, passport , schools, area events, businesses, wrecks, clubs & organizations, visiting celebrities, Rose Festivals, and many other topics of local history.  An index has been compiled and we hope to have it on-line shortly.  After Mr. Falkner’s retirement he sold his business and studio to Donald and Joy Connery. The Connerys tried to promote and maintain the Falkner business, but it did not work out for them and they sold out to Freddie Black (a former military photographer).

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