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The Tyler Star Annual Safety Book 1958-59 Tyler, Texas

The Tyler Star Annual Safety Book 1958-59 Tyler, Texas

Index to The Tyler Star 14th Annual Safety Book 1958-59 Tyler, Texas Index compiled by Jeanne Sellers and proofread and formatted by Scott Fitzgerald for the East Texas Genealogical Society. Blog by Carla Lacy – Tyler Star Safety Books, posted July 21, 2018. Abel, Bain – 17 Acker, Carolyn – 55 Adair, Timmy – 44 Adam, Margaret – 32 Adams, Stephen – 3 Adamson, Den ...[Read More]

The Rose Queens of Tyler, Texas

Chamber of Commerce Negative Collection, Object ID: cofcneg168A-002

As with many of my research projects, it started with a question of “Who was the first Rose Queen?” I assumed it would be one of established families of Tyler but I would have been wrong. It turns that the first Rose Queen was from Palestine, Texas, the daughter of a jeweler.   So I started with the book by Frank Bronaugh entitled 50 years, Texas Rose Festival Association, 1933-19 ...[Read More]

Louise Marsh, Frances Prestwood, Lovie Roberts and Ruth Hambrick Portraits 1915

In my previous blog, Alma Woldert Spence Letter dated June 4 1915, I mentioned the portraits found in the 1915 Alcalde school annual. We have identified four out of the five as follows:   Louise Marsh – Her senior picture is on page 35 with a different pose from what is printed in the 1915 Alcalde school annual. She is mentioned in the yearbook on pages 77 and 144. [Object Id: BSF060] F ...[Read More]

Alma Woldert Spence Letter dated June 4 1915

Recently SCHS employee Candis Lively was entering information in our museum software from a donation I made to the Archives of a 1915 Alcalde yearbook of Tyler High School. I had bought it at the antique mall in the Fair Foundation Bldg also know as the old Sears store location. When I bought it I found four portraits and a full length head to toe picture that was photographed by Denison”s S ...[Read More]

Yearbooks Added

This Is a listing of new acquisitions for our collection of yearbooks. We have been very fortunate to receive the yearbooks listed below through the generosity of our members and others. We have received elementary, junior high, middle school, high school, college and even one military yearbooks. These help us add to our ancestors’ stories.   If the year that you are interested in is no ...[Read More]

Robert Lee Falkner and the R.L. Falkner Collection

Robert Lee Falkner and the R.L. Falkner Collection

Robert Lee Falkner was born Nov. 10, 1911, in Garden Valley in Smith County, Texas to Eugene L. Falkner and wife, Eunice Jackson Neill. He attended Tyler Public Schools and lived in Tyler most of his life. He was a member of Calvary Baptist Church. He was an award-winning photographer for the Tyler Courier-Times-Telegraph for four years. He was owner of R. L. Falkner Photography Shop in Tyler for ...[Read More]

2018 Genealogy Lock-In Program

The 2018 Genealogy Lock-In Program is a cooperative effort to bring genealogical topics and speakers to a wider audience using modern technology through the Genealogy Network of Texas. There will be 8 one hour to one and a half hour sessions featuring some of the nation’s best known genealogical speakers. This live webinar will be shown on a projection screen in the Smith County Historical Society ...[Read More]

Missing Page from African American Life Book

While I was preparing the index for the book African American Life in Tyler, Texas compiled by Rodney Lamar Atkins, I discovered that the edition published in 2007 and the one published in 2008 had a one page difference. The 2008 edition was missing the information from page 159 in the 2007 edition featuring a profile of Pearlie Henderson. I transcribed the 2007 edition page so that the owners of ...[Read More]

Website and Blog Updates – 2018-06-29

If you follow our blog and website, you will have noticed a new office manager, Carla Lacy, who started about several months ago. She replaced the departing Savannah Brantley Cortes, who has moved to the Dallas area. Savannah worked hard on preparing our newest exhibit about World War I and the removal of the old exhibits from the main exhibit space on the first floor. We know that she will do wel ...[Read More]

Tidbits 2017-12-14 Roberta Frances Lavender

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  From the HISTORICAL CATALOGUE OF THE ALUMNI OF UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS 1884-1901. THE UNIVERSITY RECORD VOL. IV.–MAY, 1902.–NOS. 1-2 from page 28 LAVENDER, ROBERTA FRANCES, B.Lit., Tutor of Latin, University of Texas: Austin. Born January 12, 1871, at Tyler, daughter of David Smith and Frances Ann (née Swann) Lavender. Attended Sam Houston Normal Institute, 1887-1888. Entered Univer ...[Read More]