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Louise Marsh, Frances Prestwood, Lovie Roberts and Ruth Hambrick Portraits 1915

In my previous blog, Alma Woldert Spence Letter dated June 4 1915, I mentioned the portraits found in the 1915 Alcalde school annual. We have identified four out of the five as follows:   Louise Marsh – Her senior picture is on page 35 with a different pose from what is printed in the 1915 Alcalde school annual. She is mentioned in the yearbook on pages 77 and 144. [Object Id: BSF060] F ...[Read More]

Alma Woldert Spence Letter dated June 4 1915

Recently SCHS employee Candis Lively was entering information in our museum software from a donation I made to the Archives of a 1915 Alcalde yearbook of Tyler High School. I had bought it at the antique mall in the Fair Foundation Bldg also know as the old Sears store location. When I bought it I found four portraits and a full length head to toe picture that was photographed by Denison”s S ...[Read More]

Alliene Gaston Coker, The First Woman Elected as an Officer of a Tyler Bank

Alliene Gaston Coker, The First Woman Elected as an Officer of a Tyler Bank

At our April 2019 monthly meeting, Kathy Gaston, a Smith County Historical Society Board member, spoke about Alliene Gaston Coker, the first woman elected as an officer of a Tyler bank.   Alliene Gaston Coker was born in 1891 to a prominent Tyler dentist, Finis Ewing Gaston, and his wife, Bessie Clarinda James. A lifelong resident of Tyler, Alliene was proud of her family and her city. She wa ...[Read More]

World War Nurse Buried (Gertrude Brogan)

Roses Dropped By Planes While World War Nurse Buried The following, taken from the Tyler Courier-Times in connection with the death and funeral of Miss Gertrude Brogan, world war nurse, will be read with sad interest in Corsicana.  Miss Brogan attended school in Corsicana and following the World war nursed in a local hospital.  She is a sister of Mrs. Mary E. Adams of Powell. Impressive funeral se ...[Read More]

Is in the Army Nurse Corps – Gertrude Brogan – WW1

Le Mans, France, Dec. 1, 1918 Dear Sister:  As you see Uncle Sam is letting me tour France at his expense, that is, I am about ten hours ride from Brest, where I was first located.  I like here much better as we are located right in the city where there are paved streets and sidewalks, so of course I do not have the mud to contend with.  The nurses’ quarters is a chateau, the furniture havin ...[Read More]

Spending Leave – Gertrude Brogan – WW1

Nice, France, March 10, 1919 Dear Sister, I am sure you will be surprised to get a letter from this place. I am spending a seven day leave of absence at this place, a pleasure resort, on the southern coast of France on the Mediterranean Sea.  This part of the coast of France is called the Rivera Country.  I know you have read of it in books.  It includes this place, Cannes, Monte Carlo and several ...[Read More]

Wounded Men Are Jolly – WW1 Letter from Gertrude Brogan To Her Sister

France, Nov. 7, 1918 Dear Sister, Here I come again to let you know that I am still “over here” doing my bit.  I am still at the same place I was when I wrote you last and suppose I will be here some time, so am sending the address of this hospital for the next letter that you write me. It still rains quite a bit here but I am getting used to it, so do not mind it so much but do not th ...[Read More]

Women’s History Month and Bess Robinson