Chronicles of Smith County, Texas, Volume 43

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Chronicles of Smith County, Texas, Volume 43, 2004.

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Chronicles of Smith County, Texas has been published by the Smith County Historical Society since 1962. The articles are always informative about the county’s history and often include photographs, maps and tables.
All issues have been published in an 8.5 inch X 11 inch, soft cover format. With the large number of topics already covered since its beginning, past issues of Chronicles are important resources for any person researching our history!
Indexes, each covering a 10-year span of Chronicles, are also available and provide the invaluable keys to this saved history.
Table of Content

  • Front Cover: Two Tyler Men, on the Square 1939 – Ira Burre “Shorty” Billingsley and Robert Wiggins.
  • The Heyday of Mechanicsville: A Forgotten Community Remembered, by Vicki Barron Kruschwitz, page 1-13.
  • “Shorty”, Ira Burre Billingsley, by James Wilkins, page 14-15.
  • The Society’s R. L. Falkner Photo Collection, page 16
  • Book Note: “Bullard, It’s History and People” Vol. II 1978-1997, by Andrew L. Leath, page 16
  • Prominent Tylerites, Dennis McCarthy Sketched from Life, transcribed by Zelda Dozier Boucher, page 17-21, 26-29 [A. K. Thorndike, Howard Dodd, Claude Holley, A. D. Clark, Kirby M. Post, George R. Philips, Horace A. Coker and Wilbur Shields]
  • Old Settlers, from Troupe Banner April 14, 1905, transcribed by Sam and Sherry Kidd, page 22-25
  • Gulf State Lumber Company, by Alex Beall, page 30-33
  • The Tyler-Lufkin “Jitney”, two Photographs, page 34-35
  • A Little History, by Dozier Glenn Perdue, page 36-42
  • Dun & Co. Rates: Garden Valley & Mt. Sylvan, 1880-1897, page 43-44
  • Contributors to This Issue, page 4
  • A Silhouette of Dr. Robert Hill, by Sam Nash, back cover

To view an index of people, places, subjects, etc. to all issues of the Chronicles of Smith County, Texas that has been published, please click here.

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