Thirteen Months in Dixie, or, the Adventures of a Federal Prisoner in Texas


Diary of a prisoner that was held at Camp Ford and escaped!


Excerpt from Inside of Dust Jacket:a rollicking tale of adventure, captivity, hardship, and heroism during the last year of the Civil War

A story from the diary of Massachusetts solder W. F. Oscar Federhen that has recently been discovered.  Oscar became a prisoner at Camp Ford late in the war and tells of his experiences in great detail.  Even if you are not a Civil War History buff this is a tale that is well told, adventurous, and memorable.  Anyone that has any family ties from descendants that were imprisoned at the camp will feel even closer to the harrowing account of Oscar’s time in Dixie.  We rarely sell any publications that we did not publish–so that should give you confidence in the good quality read and the visual impact it will have on your thoughts about our Nation’s time during this point in history.

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W. F. Oscar Federhen, edited by Jeaninne Surette Honstein and Steven A. Knowlton




Savas Beatie


Copyright 2022, hardcover with dust jacket, 170 pages with bibliography and index


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