Chronicles of Smith County, Texas, Volume 13 Issue 1 REPRODUCTION


Chronicles of Smith County, Texas, Volume 13 Issue 1, Summer 1974


Chronicles of Smith County, Texas has been published by the Smith County Historical Society since 1962. The articles are always informative about the county’s history and often include photographs, maps and tables.
All issues have been published in an 8.5 inch X 11 inch, soft cover format. With the large number of topics already covered since its beginning, past issues of Chronicles are important resources for any person researching our history!
Indexes, each covering a 10-year span of Chronicles, are also available and provide the invaluable keys to this saved history.
Table of Contents

  • Bullets, Ballots & Bayonets; Reconstruction Politics and Elections in Smith County, 1866-1873 by John P. Carrier
  • Houses of Tyler’s Past and Present: The Dean-Venable House by Terry Cowan
  • The Mathis-Albertson House by Dorothy Albertson
  • The Loftin-Wiggins House by Alice Gilbert
  • “Letter from a Far Land (1885),” Mrs. Richard B. Hubbard to her niece, Mary Wiggins Loftin (written from JAPAN)
  • “I’m Here Yit,” an interview with 112 year old Irving Anderson by Robert W. Glover
  • 1890 ads for Tyler businesses
  • Pleasant Retreat Methodist Church including membership roster from 1859 to present
  • Bascom, Texas; Typical Texana by Andrew L. Leath
  • Commencement programs for Tyler High School: 1889, 1891 and 1895 (facsimiles)

Original Copies Are NOT available – Reproductions will be sent to fulfill any orders of this issue.

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