Tyler’s Music Man ‘Doc’ Witt Celebrates the Armistice in 1918

Tyler’s Music Man ‘Doc’ Witt Celebrates the Armistice in 1918

John Franklin Witt was known to many as ‘Doc’ Witt, Tyler’s Music Man. Mr. Witt was a trumpet player, band leader, composer and teacher of music. He made a name for himself in Smith County Texas through his extraordinary musical talent. He was Bandmaster for the Tyler Kid Band in 1908, then the Tyler Municipal Band in 1916. It is no wonder that this leader of bands helped lead the Armistice ...[Read More]

Letters Home From Soldiers During World War I-19171203

World War I Poster Showing three workers.

From Tyler Daily Courier-Times, December 3, 1917:   Letter From Camp Travis Promotions Come to Tyler Boys – Studying French   Camp Travis, November 27, 1917. The holiday will soon be here and the boys at Camp Travis are looking forward to them with pleasure. Thanksgiving is just two days off now, and we will have a big Football game and many other events that day to entertain us. Our Tha ...[Read More]

Photo Friday! April 7, 2016

4 people on the porch of old home

  O.C. Sharman signing first cooperative agreement on the Duck Creek Project, first conservation plan December 10, 1934. Mr. Sharman contributed 100 acres of land to the project. The Dale Bidwell Collection is about the CCC Company 896 and includes 186 photos that we have cataloged plus additional photos that are in the file that were taken and received at the reunions.  Additional material a ...[Read More]