Sharing African American History

Since I have been a member of the historical society, still–after all these years African American history is one of the most under donated topics in our holdings.  As a member of the community I do hold things close to my heart and in my personal collections, but I will also share whatever I can for the better of the community.  Here at the Society we are at the mercy of donations to the collections in order to help future researchers.  In these video and audio selections that have been digitized a multitude of wonderful interactions and information has been found from local African American citizens of Smith County, Texas.  It is fabulous to see that even in so many situations when we can’t provide the photos, articles, and memorabilia desired by every researcher.  WE CAN provide the voices of those who sat with us and told their stories.  Take a look at the list of programming below and click on the links:

Bennie Henderson and Felder Sanders oral history

Ira M. Brown, Jr. oral history

Katie Stewart program

Hubbard Cemetery dedication

Tyler’s Brick Streets

This programming was brought to you by years of community service by the members of the Smith County Historical Society and a “Recordings at Risk” grant made possible by CLIR (Council on Library and Information Resources)


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