Charles Newcomb McClendon – WW1 Servicemen Sponsorship 2018

Charles Newcomb McClendon – WW1 Servicemen Sponsorship 2018

Sponsored by Daye Collins

Life Before WW1

When Charles Newcomb McClendon was born on September 2, 1892, in Tyler, Texas, his father, Sidney Smith McClendon, was 27 and his mother, Annie Rebecca (Bonner) McClendon, was 24.  He was the second child born of nine children.  He married Norma McClendon on December 12, 1916, in Morris County, Texas. He died on January 11, 1978, in Daingerfield, Morris, Texas, at the age of 85, and was buried in Daingerfield Cemetery.

At the time that Charles signed his draft card, June 5, 1917, he and  Norma were living in Daingerfield, where he worked for a Cotton Seed Oil Manufacturer.

World War 1 Service

Inducted Date and Location: October 15, 1917 – Camp Travis, San Antonio, Texas

Army Serial Number: 2,253,229

Overseas: August 14, 1918 to June 30, 1919

Discharged: July 17,1919

Unit: Military Transport Company 472

Charles was 25 years old when he joined.  He was sent to Camp Travis, Texas for basic training.  His unit was responsible for supplying the troops on the battle line.  He was promoted from Corporal to 1st Sergeant to Lieutenant while serving in France.

Charles’ unit was engaged in combat at St. Mihiel, Meuse Argonne as part of the Allied Expeditionary Force.

Life After the War

After his return from the War he worked as an accountant in banking, private practice and in government.  His entire family were active and productive at many levels of society.  His sister Sarah McClendon is well known as a pioneer in the world of broadcasting.  Please visit the historic McClendon House webpage here.


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  1. Reading this letter makes me think of the WW2 movie Saving Private Ryan. although in this case the two brothers continued to serve and returned home. I am impressed by the admiration Charles has for his brother Sidney and his accomplishments.


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