Spending Leave – Gertrude Brogan – WW1

Nice, France, March 10, 1919

Dear Sister,

I am sure you will be surprised to get a letter from this place.

I am spending a seven day leave of absence at this place, a pleasure resort, on the southern coast of France on the Mediterranean Sea.  This part of the coast of France is called the Rivera Country.  I know you have read of it in books.  It includes this place, Cannes, Monte Carlo and several smaller towns.

Words cannot describe the beauty and grandeur of this country, the snow-capped mountains on one side and the beautiful blue Mediterranean on the other and there are so many flowers also lemon and orange trees and ripe fruit on them.  There is also olive trees here but there is no olives on them at this time of the year.

The hotel where I am staying faces the sea.  I certainly enjoy the view from my window.  There are two more nurses with me.  Last Friday I went on a trip to the Italian border.  Maybe got one foot over in Italy.  There is an American Military Police that guards the road leading into Italy letting no tourist pass.

We passed through the town of Monte Carlo and by getting there before 9:30 a. m. we were allowed to go through the Casino “the world’s famous gambling house”.  The gambling begins at 9:30 after that no person in uniform is allowed in the building.  I saw the famous roulette wheels and other tables that are used in gambling but of course did not understand much about them as the games were going on.

We leave here next Wednesday for Paris, will get to stay there about three days.  We have permission to visit Reihms and Chateau-Thierry battlefields, so we sure are going to use one day visiting them.  The rest of the time we will take in as much of Paris as we have time for.  We will have to be back at Le Mans by March 17.

Will close and write you after getting back to Le Mans.

Your sister,
Gertrude Brogan

P. S. I am sending this by French mail.

This letter was published in the Corsicana Daily Sun (Corsicana, Texas) 09 May 1919, Fri · Page 9

The letter was written to Mary who is married to William W Adams. They lived about 5 miles east of Corsicana in Powell, Texas.

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