Roseland Plantation

Did you know that an antebellum plantation is located just two miles from the Smith County line in Van Zandt County on Highway 64?  The Roseland Plantation was built by B. H. Hambrick in 1854 on a thousand acres of land purchased in 1852.

Roseland Plantation

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Texas Historic Landmark – 1966

Burwell Hampton Hambrick (1811 – 1868)

B. H. Hambrick along with business partners George W Humphrey and James M Douglas founded a factory to manufacture cotton thread in Tyler.  It was located two blocks north of the square on the low ground situated just a few feet west of North Broadway and a few feet north of the railroad tracks.  The factory employed seventy workers turning out bundles of cotton thread sold in bales to merchants. The factory was destroyed by fire in 1870.  B. H. Hambrick Sr. died June 4, 1868 in Tyler and his son, B. H. Hambrick Jr. died on December 25, 1868.

A tour of the plantation was filmed for the show JB’s Journal hosted by J. B. Smith.  View the video at this link JB’s Journal – Roseland plantation.

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