“Unmistakably Tyler II” magazine of the TEDC

Normally we wouldn’t feature just a single item for a blog post.  This magazine  found at an estate sale last year is just to good to pass on postiing about.  Published in 1991, written and commissioned by the Tyler Economic Development  Council, Inc.–has many stories and images of past businesses, organizations, and people that aren’t with us anymore.  I was initially interested in this publication because it is from the year I graduated Robert E. Lee High School!  After looking closer at it, I just had to donate it to the archives for the future interest of researchers like myself.  This was a prosperous time period for our city, which is evident by the multiple thriving businesses noted..  Lets go through a few of the the ones that mean something to me:   The Brass Lion, owned by Marcia and Paul Grubb–for a long time their store was the only place in Tyler to get James Avery Jewelry.  Can you imagine!  At that time I didn’t have too many pieces, but what I had back then was purchased from their selection.  So many girls I knew at school and church had J.A. charm bracelets that would make beautiful music, teddy bear stud earrings (I longed for) and various pendants dangling around their necks!  Miss Marcia, as I called her had been my ballet teacher almost as long as I had been alive and I was one of her many 2nd generation students, since my mother Kay Kidd graced her studio for the glory years.  As it is always fun to see someone out of their “natural habitat”, going to see Miss Marcia at the Brass lion was always a treat.  What in the world is my teacher doin in PANTS and a Blouse, is always what I thought.  For she wore black tights, leotard, over skirt with black ballet shoes for class everyweek–we had to wear a black  leotard and pale pink tights, with pink ballet shoes and when we were “big girls”, pink satin pointe shoes.  Such a loss when the Grubbs passed and then we lost that beautiful brick building that was their home and business, for Chuy’s to be built along with other stores at Broadway and Chimney Rock.  I will go ahead and pos this now, but plan on adding memories of M. A. Simms & Co. as well as Almand’s, Broadway Jr.-Sr., Cace’s and more if memory does not retreat.  Comment below on you special interactions with the list of people and places below.         Until next time thanks for reading, Tiffany —————————————————————————-
2023.29.1 ~ Magazine 05/22/2024
LCCN Category 8: Communication Artifact030\2023291.JPG
ISBN SubcategoryDocumentary Artifact
ISSN Call# 976.4
Accession#2023.29 Control#
Received as Gift Accession date 05/22/2024
Source Wright, Tiffany
Home loc Smith County Historical Society: Archive/Reading Room:West:Shelf VI:1:Folder, pocket
Author:  Tyler Economic Development Council, Inc
Subjects:  Commerce
Real estate business
Retail stores
Summary:   Vanity publication with many local businesses featured from the late 1980s to early 1990s. All full color with rare images
Page 12 has table of contents. Page 89 index
Collection: Phys desc 8.5×11, .25 thickness, white spine, black wording
Publisher:  Dasher Publications, Inc.
Pub place:  Tennessee/Shelby/Memphis
Pub date:  1991 Other# 976.4, TEDC
Publications:   Language:   English Copy:  # 0nly
Series: II
Edition:  1991
Cat date:   05/22/2024
Condition:   Excellent Cond date:  05/22/2024
Condition by:  Wright, Tiffany

Cond:   notes:  Wonderful condition, a small white sticker is affixed to the
front written on it. Also, “TYLER” is written along the right
edge of the front color at corner in black ink.
Provenance:   Classification:  Photography
Search terms                                                                      People

All Saints Episcopal SchoolPeople                                    Mullins, Thomas
Best Western Inn & Suites                                                 McDonald, Chuck
Better Books Christian Center                                           Kaye, Dana
Blackeyed Pea Restaurant                                                Beaird, Harold
The Blind Place                                                                  Fair, James
The Brannon Corporation                                                  Vernon, Trent
The Brass Lion                                                                  Taylor, Rebecca
Broadway Jr.-Sr.                                                                Morrow, Ruth
Brookshire’s                                                                       Powell, Ashley
Candy Cane Child Care Centers                                      Johnson, Ellen
Cace’s                                                                               Cagle, Brenda
Cavendars Boot City                                                         Howard, Holly
Cellular One Tyler                                                             Hills, Janet
Computerland Riter,                                                          Bufe, Dee
Crossroads Gallery                                                           Senger, Kathleen
DeHaven Eye Associates                                                 Howes, Mary
Designing Women                                                            Paoletta, Don
Doctors Memorial Hospital                                               Grubb, Paul
East Texas Medical Center                                               Cassini, Giuseppe
Eisenhower Golf Tournament                                           Cassini, Laura
Giuseppe’s Restaurant                                                     Brady, Earl
The Gold Mill                                                                    Finniger, James
Green Acres Baptist Church                                             Hudson, Ted
Hounds & Foxes Salon                                                     Jones, Michael
J.W. Finn’s                                                                        Cace, Danny
J. Carl’s Ltd.                                                                      Ellsworth, Les
Jason’s Deli                                                                       Ellsworth, Carol
Jim Batten Photogem Labs                                               Hine, Glen
Judge, The Florist                                                             Hine, V’Ann
KETK                                                                                Chance, Paul
KLTV                                                                                 Harrison, Elton
KNUE                                                                                Harrison, Judy
KISX                                                                                  Mahaffey, Ray
KTYL                                                                                 Mahaffey, Melanie
M.A. Simms & Co.                                                            Ward, Jay
Marriott Residence Inn                                                     Ward, Barbara
Mary V’s Inc.                                                                     Nelson, Brett
Mother Frances Hospital                                                   Nelson, Molly
Olde English Village                                                          Houston, Dr. Clyde
Papacita’s                                                                          Park, Dr. Paul
Penick & Chance/ Paul’s Big & Tall                                   Shieldes, Tim
Physician’s Weight Loss Clinic                                          Richardson, Trudy
The Potpourri House                                                         Smith, Bettie
Ramada Inn                                                                       Almand, E.H., III
Summerfield’s Restaurant                                                 Hull, Shirley
10 Speed & Sport                                                              Crews, Wayne
Texas State Optical                                                           Bowker, Elynor
Trudy’s Fireside Books                                                      Tucker, Kathy
Tyler Chamber of Commerce                                            Grubb, Marcia
Tyler Economic Development Council, Inc.                      Caton, Patricia
Tyler Junior College                                                          Walker, Melinda
Tyler Little Red School House, Inc.                                   Sword, Stephen
University of Texas Health Center                                     Sword, W. E.
University of Texas at Tyler                                               Sword, Beverly
University Park Hospital                                                     Sword, Michael
Village Bakery                                                                    Harkrider, Sherri
W.E. Sword Co., Inc.                                                          George, Carol
Woodcreek Athletic Club                                                     Berry, Royle
Junior League of Tyler                                                         Russell, Pat
East Texas Symphony Orchestra                                        Hipke, Angie
Mistletoe & Magic                                                               Groves, Marcia
Heart of Main Street Project                                                McGee, Bill
Festival on the Square                                                        Brannon, Terry
Texas Rose Festival                                                           Brannon, Cecilia
Tyler Civic Ballet Company                                                 Pickens, David
Tyler Civic Theatre                                                              Riter, A. W., Jr.
Friends of the Arts                                                               Wells, Ginger
Newcomers to Tyler                                                            Vorhaben, Shawna
Brookshire’s World of Wildlife Museum and                        Davis, Eric
Country Store                                                                     Lindsey, Cindy
Tyler Municipal Rose Garden                                              Schneider, Phyllis
Tyler Museum of Art                                                            Brookshire, Wood T.
Tyler Community Concert Association
Midtown Arts Centre
Brickstreet Playhouse
Brickstreet Cafe
Azalea and Spring Flower Trail
Beauty and The Beast Bicycle Race
Azalea Trail 10k and Fun Run
Notes Put in a small folder pocket and shelve on west wall.
Updated/by05/22/2024 02:47 PM Wright, TiffanyDataset


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