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Joseph Favre Baldwin (1892–1918)

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Life Before WW1

Joseph Favre Baldwin was born on August 3, 1892, in Tyler, Texas. His father, Aaron, a doctor and his mother, Clara, a concert pianist.  He had one brother, Fredrick.  He attended Tyler High School.  He was a senior Medical School student in 1915, attending Tulane University.  On May 25, 1917 when he signed his draft card, he was a Physician at the Touro Infirmary, New Orleans, LA, reporting to Dr. W. W. Giles.  He also trained at the Army Medical School, Washington, DC.  He was called into service as a 1st Lieutenant in the Royal Army Medical Corp, September 15, 1917.  Serving as a part of the 11th (Service) Battalion he landed in France and saw action on the Western Front.

World War 1 Service

WW1 Draft Card

Called into Active Service as: 1st Lieut. Medical Corps – Officers’ Reserve Corps – Sept 15, 1917

Attended Army Medical School at Washington, DC

Killed in Action: August 7, 1918

Overseas: October 15, 1917 to Death

Unit: 11th Service Battalion – Royal Army Medical Corp

WW1 Service Record

He died on August 7, 1918, in France at the age of 26, and was buried in his hometown at Oakwood Cemetery.

Lieutenant Baldwins Last Letter here.

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