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World War I Poster Showing three workers.

In our new regular feature – Letters Home From Soldiers During World War I, there is the occasional word, phrase or place that I don’t know or think that you might not know. So I am going to find a definition or explanation, directions, maps, etc. to support the blog post and hopefully educate at least me or maybe others. It will be a work in progress whereby I add information as I find it and have time to add it.


Fort Sam Houston is an army post in San Antonio, Texas. It was created by the Sundry Civil Service Bill of 3 March 1873, included a $100,000 for a new army post in San Antonio, on 93 acres of land deeded by the city. The post was formally named Fort Sam Houston on September 11, 1890. Construction at Fort Sam Houston began in the middle 1870s under the supervision of the military commander of the Department of Texas, Major General Edward Ord, a West Point-trained army engineer. Today, as one of the Army’s oldest installations, and with more than 900 buildings in its historic districts, Fort Sam Houston boasts one of the largest collection of historic military post structures. The significant contributions of Fort Sam Houston to the United States were recognized in 1975 when the post was designated as a National Historic Landmark.[1]


[1] Wikipedia contributors, ‘Fort Sam Houston’, Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fort_Sam_Houston [accessed 5 April 2017].


  1. My grandfather Loyd Delvin Gastineau was at Ft Sam Houston during WWI. I have not been able to get any records on him. I believe he was in the Calvary. Thank you.

    • Thank you for contacting Smith County Historical Society. I have checked several online sources concerning the soldier you mention. His WW1 draft and WW2 draft are in Kansas. Unfortunately our records do not show him as a soldier in Texas. He may have trained at Ft. Sam Houston, but we don’t have a record to indicate that. I would suggest the National Archives at St. Louis, MO. Thier website is: https://www.archives.gov/research/military/ww1/st-louis-ww1-series .

      • Mr. Rose – I have been looking for a soldier that was at Fort Sam 1915-1916; George H. Lucado b. 1896 VA. I haven’t been able to find his WWI military records. Please let me know if you have any record of him there. Thank you


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