Website and Blog Updates – 2018-06-29

If you follow our blog and website, you will have noticed a new office manager, Carla Lacy, who started about several months ago. She replaced the departing Savannah Brantley Cortes, who has moved to the Dallas area. Savannah worked hard on preparing our newest exhibit about World War I and the removal of the old exhibits from the main exhibit space on the first floor. We know that she will do well and we wish her only the best!

One of our goals with this blog and our website, is to provide a starting point for research into Smith County people, places, things, events, etc. So this last couple months or so, I began to list our holding of local school yearbooks and annuals. You can find the list at this page .

In addition to the list of yearbooks, our friends from the East Texas Genealogical Society are compiling indexes to unindexed books including yearbooks. We will add them when we have the time. Here are the few that we have ready to go at this time:

The Cumulative Index is a work in progress that will be updated as we update the individual Alcalde indexes.

Tyler High School’s Alcalde Cumulative Index




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