“Photo Friday” 4/14/2017

“Photo Friday” 4/14/2017

  You   all   have  a   blessed   Good Friday for 2017! The little lady, is Miss Frances Marie Ingram.  Frances lived in Tyler on her grandfather’s Ingram Farm (out on Old Bullard Road).  In 1920 when she would have been about 2 years old and adorably mobile in her special white dress .  She was the only child of Manning and Fannie Ingram; so I am sure they had a wonderful Easter Sunday ...[Read More]

Photo Friday! April 7, 2016

4 people on the porch of old home

  O.C. Sharman signing first cooperative agreement on the Duck Creek Project, first conservation plan December 10, 1934. Mr. Sharman contributed 100 acres of land to the project. The Dale Bidwell Collection is about the CCC Company 896 and includes 186 photos that we have cataloged plus additional photos that are in the file that were taken and received at the reunions.  Additional material a ...[Read More]